Industrial Physics (USA)

Taking projects from prototype to production

Industrial Physics (USA)                                                                     Current Projects Focus:

726 Southwest Taft Street                                                                  

McMinnville, Oregon 97128                                                                 - Enhanced Personal Ballistic Protection

United States of America                                                                     - Non-Pyrotechnic Stun Grenades

ph 1-503-883-9876                                                                               - Class 4 Portable Lasers (1 Watt)                                                           
Industrial Physics (USA) provides technical support in product positioning to assure fair return on investment whilst transitioning prototypes to production.  Industry standard non-disclosure agreements are preconditions to substantial/meaningful discussions.  In other words - this is not a retail operation.  If you have a developed prototype with a potential market of not less than 100k units - or - if you want to supercharge your R&D side, shortening your next production cycle, we are the place to start.  Find us before your competition does!
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